Stoner, John Williams

Stoner, John Williams
Stoner, John Williams

genre: #classics #historical
first publication: 1965
my rating: 6.5/10

Yet another amphibolic book review, or Stoner by John Williams.

The good. The main character. The complexity, the drama (which, in fact, is more of a tragedy), the emotions.

The bad and the ugly. Murphy's law. The wife? The coworker? The who else do you have? Let’s make them the most atrocious characters just because we need to show the tragedy. Everyone but the main character is a paper doll with zero motivation to be that lousy. The language is clunky, clumsy, and primitive, which deprives the text of any emotion and action.

The good, the bad, and the ugly. The book is good while being naive in its wish to be great.

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