Confessions, Jaume Cabré

Confessions, Jaume Cabré
Confessions, Jaume Cabré

genre: #contemporary #literary
first publication: September 1, 2011
my rating: 9/10

A capite, mea culpa, I don't know what to start with.

In the begging was the Word and my wish to read this book, so will start with that.

The peak through the f-hole of an old violin which has scratches of time on its wooden body. The peak at life, grief, guilt, and memory.

  • Uno
  • Uno
  • Due
  • Due
  • Tre
  • Tra
  • Tree
  • Treeee Months I've spent looking for the physical copy of this novel, visiting all the bookstores in my area, only to finally find it online.

The history of a musical instrument that weaves together into a beautiful tapestry dozens of different characters, multiple plot- and timelines.

This beautiful tapestry finally arrived to become a part of my library, est in Arcadia. The filigree of languages and writing skills of the author makes me long for Arcadia.

So, here I was reading "Confessions" by Jaume Cabré and here were you, reading my, confiteor, not-so-clear review of this book.

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