Do you hear voices?

Do you hear voices?
  • Do you hear voices?
  • No
  • Then he's completely mentally healthy. Go away now

[Two hours earlier:
"I have to go, I have to go, I have to go now", tears, trembling, music and laughter are getting louder. Stay clam, stay calm, stay calm; please, don't show your emotions – it's not the time – "Sure."]

5 minutes
10 minutes
"Drive safe"
20 minutes
25 minutes
30 minutes
Job finished
40 minutes
"Did the ambulance arrive?"
"No, still waiting"
"You yourself ok?" - delivered

40 minutes is enough to get from one city to another; 40 minutes is enough to drive from Lemesos to Pelendri to get the driving licence; 40 minutes is enough to

He screams, he curses
He falls down, he's not moving

  • We have to choose who's going to his room to check if he is still alive

The police station is in 2 minutes by foot = a 1-minute drive

[Two weeks earlier:

  • Χαίρετε[1]! You have to go to the court for them to give you the paper to give that paper to the police for them to have a permission and maybe to take him for the psychological evaluation one day.
  • Maybe fuck you?]

October. I think it was October when he stoped taking his medication.

  • What meds did he take?
  • Don't know, many

It was scorching in the courtroom, the wooden furniture that made squeaky noises lost its colours many years ago. Hours of waiting for the lunchtime to be over, hours of waiting for the hope to come back – the paper is ready.

  • Drive home now, drive home, please, he overdosed on something
  • I'm calling the ambulance.

1:11 – 2:45
He screams, he laughs, he screams again

  • Who did he say that to?
  • I don't know

2:24 – 2:45

  • Can we turn the volume up?
  • Sure. Here's another recording of him.

[Two + Two hours earlier:

  • Χαίρετε! We'll try our best, maybe αυριο[2], maybe not.
  • Fuck you]

After 2 hours he should be good.
After 2 weeks he should be good.

  • What drugs did you take?

The night is full of party noises, Friday so to say; diluted with melted ice alcohol is on the table. "I feel like yesterday's night never ended" – "So do I".

  • Please, close your door when you sleep

1-minute drive in this country = 40 + 40 + 40 + 40 + 40+40+4… minute waiting time
Did the hope come?
Never heard of her

  • How old are you?
  • 21
  • Do you want to come with us to the hospital?
  • No
  • Δεν θέλει, πάμε[3]

Look, in this vid he talks to his voices, he says they are kind this time, they make him laugh; wait, now he points at you; no, kind voice, watch yourself and don't say that, the mother is here.

  • Because of you I have to struggle!!! You are not my parents, I was created in vitro!!
  • Take a DNA test then
  • I have to give my, I have to give my, no, not the…, no, yes, I have to give my

He screams, he curses
He falls down, he's not moving
He's all pale now

Haloperidol and he ain't has no diagnosis no more, the only side effect is that he’s afraid of gaining weight now.

The streets of Lemesos?, Limassol?, Limasol?, Lemesolsk? are tranquil, let's go kind voices, let's take a walk.
He's back home, maybe tomorrow we will come and take him to the hospital.

The streets of Lemesos?, Limassol?, Limasol?, Lemesolsk? are full of tears, are full of fear, are full of despair, are full of negligence and hate towards that negligence.

  • Don't come home, please
  • I am scared

  1. Χαίρετε (herete; hello (gr)) ↩︎

  2. αυριο (avrio; tomorrow (gr)) ↩︎

  3. Δεν θέλει, πάμε (den feli, pame; he doesn't want to, let's go (gr)) ↩︎

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